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A complete property inspection should be a part of the real estate transaction, whether buying or selling. Each property will undergo a non-invasive, function and safety inspection to evaluate the property’s current condition. Tolliver Property Inspections LLC is dedicated to the highest standards of the home inspection industry and client satisfaction. All inspections are performed within the established Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. We take great pride in performing a thorough property inspection and we provide a detailed inspection report the same day of the inspection.
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Buyer InspectionBuyers Inspection

The buyer’s property inspection allows the buyer to be informed about potential concerns in the home.  After the inspection, a detailed report is provided along with helpful maintenance tips.  A thorough property inspection takes between two and three hours.

Sellers InspectionSellers Inspection

This is referred to as a pre-sale property inspection.  It allows sellers to know of potential problem areas and address those before the home hits the market. We provide a detailed report to help owners feel confident of any work to be done.

New Construction InspectionNew Construction Inspection

Let us perform phase inspections to guarantee that the property you are building meets current standards.  During the phase inspections, we are able to inspect the foundation, pre-drywall, and the final stages of construction.

Rental Walk-Through Inspection

As a rental property owner, a Walk-Through Inspection is done at the beginning, end and during the term of the lease. This will help you monitor and keep record of the general condition of your property and any issues that may need to be addressed.

Warranty InspectionsWarranty Inspection

Most new homes come with a 1-Year Builder Warranty.  Before that year is up, call us to provide a detailed property inspection and report for you to give to your builder so they can fix or repair any issues before the warranty expires.



Following your initial property inspection, a Re-Inspection is an inspection of specific issues found in the initial property inspection to verify the issues have been corrected.


System InspectionsSystem Inspection

A System Inspection is an inspection concentrating on the 5 major component of the property: Roof, Foundation, Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Panel.

Spot/Draw Inspection

As a buyer or seller you may have concerns about a specific component of the property. A Spot/Draw Inspection is an inspection to check the specifically identified item(s) of concern at the property.


Pool Inspection Swimming Pool/Spa Inspection

A pool/spa inspection is extremely important when purchasing a home. This inspection will look for safety concerns and maintenance issues that are crucial not only for your family but for others around your neighborhood.


Termite InspectionsTermite Inspection

We recommend that you schedule a termite inspection prior to your purchase. We can schedule this to be done during the property inspection by a qualified termite professional.


Radon TestingRadon Testing

Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, cancer-causing gas. It is formed by the natural radioactive decay of uranium in rock, soil, and water. It is found in all 50 states. The only way to know if the home you’re looking to purchase has radon is to Test. Upon request we can schedule for this test during the home inspection process.



Mold TestingMold Testing

We recommend that you perform mold testing anytime you purchase a home, especially if the home has been vacant, has had water issues, or if someone is particularly sensitive to mold. Testing can be done during the home inspection process. Lab results received within 72 hours. Don’t deal with issues that the seller is responsible for.


Lead Paint Testing

If the home you’re purchasing was built before 1978, you should consider a lead-based paint inspection as part of due diligence during your home buying process.  Upon request we are able to schedule a lead-based paint test during the home inspection.



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