Frequently Asked Questions.

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?
The price of the inspection is determined by the property’s square footage, property age, and any additional structures, such as a pool or an additional garage, being inspected on the property.

When Do I Schedule The Inspection?
As soon as possible after signing the purchase contract. This gives you plenty of time to get repair estimates for any problem found during the inspection.
For new constructions, schedule the inspection to be done prior to your walk-through with the builder so that you can address any problems listed in the inspection report.

Can I Come To The Inspection?
Yes. While it is not necessary, we do invite and encourage you to come to the inspection. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about what we are looking for or about something that you may have seen when you viewed the property prior to the inspection.

How Long Will The Inspection Take?
A thorough property inspection generally takes approximately 2-4 hours depending on the square footage and condition of the property being inspected.

Can I Have The Property Inspected While It Is In The Appraisal Process?
Yes you can. The inspection is to help you determine your comfort with the property and if it is “worth the purchase” to you.

Does A New Construction Home Need To Be Inspected?
Most definitely! We know the builder genuinely wants to deliver a perfectly constructed home. But the reality is that the home still built by human beings and mistakes or defects can occur. So having an inspection, before and after completion, helps to find any possible issue prior to the finalization of your purchase.

When Do I Schedule The Warranty Inspection?
You should schedule the warranty inspection to be done at 11 months. This gives time to have the inspection completed, the report to be reviewed, and any issues to be addressed with the builder before your warranty expires.

What’s Included In A Property Inspection?
The property inspection is not an appraisal and is not technically exhaustive. The home inspection is a noninvasive visual inspection of the entire home and its components. This includes:

•Interior and Exterior
•Heating and Cooling
•Built-In Appliances
•Basement/Crawl Space

When Will I Get The Inspection Report?
Your inspection report will be sent the same-day as the inspection via email within a few hours of completing the inspection and will include photos and explanations of any findings.

What If I Have Questions Later?
You can contact us to ask and questions that you may have.

Contact Us Today to ask questions or to schedule an inspection.

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